How to choose a yi xing teapot 2

18 Jul
I talked about choosing the right size of yi xing teapot in previous. This article, let’s look into the types of yi xing teapots to choose. Using the right type of teapot is crucial to brewing a good cup of tea.
Yi xing teapot (zisha teapot,purple clay teapot), is the traditional gongfu teapot. It is THE teapot I recommend for brewing most tea. Here’s why: The clay used to make Yi xing teapot is very unique. It’s slower in conducting heat and has good permissibility.
A good yi xing teapot is capable of concentrating the heat from the hot water into steeping/brewing the tea leaves. It is also very durable because its good permissibility prevents it from cracking. A yi xing teapot that is used everyday doesn’t need to be washed/scrubbed. All it takes is a quick rinse with boiling water before use and it’s ready for action. Yi xing teapot lets you bring the best out of your tea. But a good one now demands quite a premium.
Flat teapots have wider bottom which work well for spreading the dry tea leaves out and preventing "soaping" of tea leaves inbetween steeps. Having a wide bottom (Shi piaostyle or Xu bianstyle) to spread out dry tea leaves allows the leaves to expand evenly during steeping. Better expanded tea leaves release more flavor, producing better liquor.
duo qiu(drop ball) yixing teapot with round bottomshi piao yi xing teapot with flat bottomxu bian yi xing teapot with flat body

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