Introduction of zhu ni clay yi xing teapot

18 Jul
Zhu ni clay was first produced in Zhao Zhuang( a village in south ding shu town of yixing city). In history, it is called “Shi huang ni clay”.
The ore mine is located in the bottom of other yixing clay, with high iron oxide, hard like stone.
The shape of zhu ni clay ores is trival, need to collect by human. It’s hard to make pots only by pure zhu ni clay, used to be yixing teapot’s decorate clay.
In history, zhu ni teapot is made by 80% xi shan(shan means “hill” in yixing) delicate clay ( also located in Zhao Zhuang), and 20% Dong Shan jia ni clay, using sand filtration by water (old clay making method). Because of Zhu ni is not so much fire-resistant, so  Dong shan jia ni is added to, this kind of clay don’t change zhu ni clay’s clor, but improve the fire-resistant of zhu ni clay. The real zhu ni clay is in the core of Xi Shan delicate clay, break it will get the pure zhu ni clay.
Zhu ni ore mine is not only find in Zhao Zhuang, it also located in: Huang long shan, Qing long shan, Xiang ya shan, Lan shan, Xiao me yao, Wu shan lao yan kou, xiang shan, etc.
There is a mistake about zhu ni clay, many people believe “wrinkle” style zhu ni teapot is the best, that’s not true, in fact zhu ni teapot also can be smooth, rough, drape or fine. “Wrinkle” or “drape” style seems special compared to other yixing clay teapot surface. but we can’t  evaluate the quality of zhu ni just by the surface.
Zhu ni also has many colors, no all zhu ni clay teapot are red, in fact it has red, purple, black, yellow and green, so many color, just like the flower.
The difference of zhu ni clay influenced by: lode position, stale time, blend method and ratio, make method, firing temperature.
Has so many different characters, so zhu ni is indeed some yixing teapot collector’s favorite.
Huang long shan er huang zhu ni clay – 36mesh – 1135
Huang long shan zhu ni clay – 40mesh – 1170
Xiao mei yao kiln zhu ni clay – 50 mesh – 1140
Huang long shan zhu ni clay – 60mesh – 1150
Hong wei zhu ni – 50 mesh – 1135
Xiao mei yao zhu ni clay – 60 mesh – 1140
Zhao zhuang golden zhu ni clay – 60 mesh – 1125
Zhao zhuang er huang zhu ni clay
Xiao mei yao kiln er huang zhu ni clay – 40 mesh -1125
Xiao mei yao kiln shi huang zhu ni clay – 60mesh – 1125

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