Semi-handmade yixing teapot fit well just as a brewing vessel

19 Jul

Most inexpensive (but authentic) yixing are semi-handmade, with facilitation of molding tools (but very different from the mold used for slip cast). By American standards and compared with a lot of other commodities, I think this semi-handmade method is more than qualified for “handmade”. But in yixing world, the real handmade ones are those made with sculpting standards and without facilitation of molding tools. Most yixing in the market are semi-handmade, and handmade ones, even by unknown craftsman, could easily get above $250 in Chinese market, and a few times more in western market. If you use yixing teapot as a brewing vessel instead of collecting it as a sculpture work, semi-handmade is good enough. So the inexpensive and authentic options for you I can think is our yixing teapot web shop, because till now most of our yixing teapots are semi-handmade.

Above is our shop, two of them are my relative, they are all making yixing teapot by plaster molding tools. Some of yixing teapots sale in our web shop is make by them.


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