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Yixing teapot general knowledge – holes of spout

18 Jul
Type of yixing teapot’s spout holes is an import way for distinguish the date it made, there are three type of spout:
1. Single hole is popular in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.
2. Sincere the end of Qing dynasty, most of yixing teapot’s spout is mesh style, can be 6,7,9,10…..holes.
3. In 1970s, in order to meet the needs of exporting yixing teapot to japan, people started to produce a number of half ball mesh, so that water outflow more fluent and better filter the tea leaves.
Now, some XiaoPin(capacity <150ml) zhu ni yixing teapot’s spout is single holes, there are two reasons:
The teapot size is too small that mesh style spout will impact the outflow water fluent.
Zhu ni XiaoPin is so hard to make that mesh style spout is even more hard to make, so keep it sinle hole, save the time and save the work.
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