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Yixing teapot history

18 Jul
Yixing of Jiangsu Province, China, is the homeland of chinese pottery.

The zisha pottery of Yixing is known for its elegant form, elaborate craftsmanship, archaic colour and functional performance. Coming initially from in Northern Song Empire(960-1279), Yixing zisha teapot has past hundreds of years from Song to Yuan and finally ageing in early Ming Empire. Within the Ming Empire(1368-1644), Yixing teapot be a necessity in teahouses and peasant families, and was sought after through the upper classes. They’re considered luxuries for that high authorities of court and royal homes.
Evaluating the zisha yixing teapot along with other artistic representations for example music and painting, we noted the concepts their enjoyment aren’t much in difference. To get the connoisseurship of zisha teapot is straight forward with someone but hard to others. Connoisseurship of zisha yixing teapot must germinate from an enjoyment from it. One needs to create a passion for zisha teapot before it’s possible to go much deeper and much deeper into the field of teapot and comprehend the true zisha pottery and it is material qualities, chemical composition, molecular structure along with the yixing teapot’s colours, form, decoration means, artistic styles, master potters etc. Only in so doing may improve a person’s connoisseurship and progressively establish design for a person’s collection. No connoisseurship can be done with no substantial collection. You ought to remember that it’s quality that counts not quantity when growing an accumulation of Yixing zisha teapots.
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